Living Our Principles


Living Our Principles is a video series produced by the United Methodist Church General Board of Church & Society that explores how people put our faith into action in everyday life.
The narratives and partnership represented in the six episodes illustrate ways people of faith live out their values and convictions when it comes to:


Episode Previews

Episode 1: The Natural World

All creatures depend on the natural world to thrive. How do stewards of the earth live up to their principles? What are their obstacles? The people and their stories presented in this episode have a profound love and respect for the dignity and integrity of the natural world. You meet people gathered to protect the land they rely on even in turbulent and insecure times. Learn how they cope with natural disaster, overconsumption, abuse of the land for profit. You meet others who embrace new ways to cultivate the earth's good resources so that they may contribute to the common good in the "Natural World."

Episode 2: "The Nurturing Community"

Each person is of sacred worth. Therefore each community is tasked to care for the most vulnerable and to nurture them into their full potential. Vulnerable people are often women and children trapped by poverty. They face instability and violence, disease and war. In this episode you meet individuals and visit communities working to create a new future with hope. How can we restore healing and hope among survivors? Listen to their stories; reflect on what you are called to do to build the "Nurturing Community."

Episode 3: "The Social Community"

Communities become empowered when they come together and listen to the needs of those most vulnerable among them. Transformation begins when people respond with compassionate mercy and sustainable acts of justice. Communities are renewed when they ask new questions about the causes and effects of chronic unemployment, lack of housing, addiction and social neglect. Watch how these community leaders value all persons and seek assets in the midst of struggles to ensure equal access to the "Social Community."

Episode 4: "Economic Justice"

A majority of the world's peoples live in poverty. Such inequality leads to extreme vulnerability, insecurity, deprivation and distress. War adversely affects the well-being of women and children, stimulates mass incarceration, and foments policies that deny economic opportunities. These compromise our principles. Learn how you can create places of transition that raise the quality of life in a community, create economic opportunity, and question systems that put profits above people. "Economic Justice" will inspire you to respond with hope.

Episode 5: "Politics, Power, and The World"

Use or abuse of power to build a just, sustainable peace ought to be informed by how we live out our principles. People of faith cannot ignore the necessity of mobilizing our political will to foster human rights and overcome injustices. In this episode, you hear stories of persons who have taken public office while still confessing their faith. In some cases, they have encountered threats for taking a stand in favor of justice. "Politics, Power and the World" reminds us that people of faith are lifting up principles in a common, united voice for change. 

Episode 6: The "Best of The Best" a collection from each episode

This episode contains the "best of the best" from across the series. These stories illustrate how community leaders are putting their faith into practice, marrying acts of compassionate mercy to advocacy for justice. Stories are drawn from Africa, the Philippines, and the United States, rural and urban, women and men.





As people of faith we live in a world not yet fully realized as the realm of God. We believe that by grace God's kingdom is within our reach as we put our faith into action, transforming both the personal body and the body politic, the mind, and the soul into the image and reflection of Christ.

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